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Eyelashes (LATISSE®)

Eyelashes not only protect the eyes, they are also a defining feature of feminine beauty. Long, thick lashes help to give eyes a more open, glamorous look. But as we age our eyelashes start to thin.

All our features change over time and as we age we have less eyelashes. Then there are those that may be fair-haired or have less noticeable lashes whatever their age. Now LATISSE® can help give you lashes you’ll love.

LATISSE® topical solution is the first scientifically proven treatment that allows you to grow your natural lashes, making them longer, fuller and darker* in just 16 weeks.

Unlike other products you may have tried, LATISSE® topical solution is a prescription treatment. It’s scientifically shown to help if your lashes are inadequate. With continuous use the results can be noticeable.

In a clinical trial comparing LATISSE® with untreated lashes, results showed when you start using LATISSE® you may notice a difference in your lashes as early as 4 weeks. But the full effect is seen at 16 weeks. Persistence pays – with a daily application of LATISSE® you will see a noticeable difference.

How can I learn more?

If you would like to know more about LATISSE®  make an appointment now with Dr Teresa Cattin by calling FaceWorks clinic or use our online booking system and click “Latisse” under service category.

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*compared to untreated lashes.