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Lip Rejuvenation

Lip Rejuvenation And Enhancement

We’ve all seen women with disturbingly large lips, often described as the “trout pout” – lips which have been drastically overfilled with product. Trying to remove all lines and pump up the lips can look out of proportion and unnatural, but with Juvéderm® we are  able to softly fill out areas which have lost volume while keeping the result in proportion and looking completely natural.

As we age the plump smooth cheeks of youth gradually flatten as the fat pads descend. Replacing cheek fullness and enhancing the natural cheek bone line can have a dramatic yet subtle effect, and is easily achieved with Voluma, the latest treatment designed specifically for cheek enhancement.


How do lips change with age?

Natural substances such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that provide the skin with structure and volume, decrease with age. This, together with environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, smoking and stress, all contribute to how our skin ages. The lips are particularly vulnerable as they have an extremely thin outer layer, which becomes progressively thinner as the body ages. Over time the corners of the mouth can begin to droop (mouth frown), the v-shaped area of the upper lip known as the Cupid’s Bow begins to flatten out and lips lose their youthful fullness. Vertical lip lines that can cause lipstick bleed may also begin to appear.

How are dermal fillers  used in my lips?

Dermal fillers  can be used for either lip rejuvenation or enhancement. They can be used to add volume to your lips, to improve border definition of the upper and/or lower lip, and to create a stronger Cupid’s Bow. Fillers  can also be used for lip enhancement to add volume and improve lip definition in younger lips. For rejuvenation, the vertical lines around your lips may also be treated. This gives a more youthful appearance and will also help prevent lipstick bleeding.


Lip Rejuvenation



  • Juvéderm® has been used here to redefine the lip border and give a slightly fuller pout.



  • Juvéderm® could be used to redefine the lip border, plump the lips slightly and improve the dry texture.

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