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Initial Consultation

To Achieve the Best Results...
Before commencing any treatment at FaceWorks, an Initial Consultation is required with either Dr Teresa Cattin or one of our Cosmetics Nurses. The Initial Consultation is a half hour appointment and has a one-off fee - for subsequent treatment consultations you only pay for the product used. The Initial Consultation charge is not deducted from the treatment cost.

Please note that any estimate related to the amount of product we expect to use to achieve your desired result is valid for 1 month. You are under no obligation to undergo treatment in your Initial Consultation in fact, we will often send you away with written information about your proposed treatments so you can have a proper think about it and we will treat you at another appointment. 

FaceWorks uses a 'total face approach' rather than just focusing on isolated areas of the face which concern you. The total face approach looks at how ageing is affecting your entire face - skin quality, lines, volume, face shape and neck.

To achieve the best results for you it is important to take the time to discuss your concerns with one of our experts, to  assess your face and to advise you on which treatment options would best suit your needs. Ample opportunity is given for you to ask questions and thoroughly consider your options.

The team at FaceWorks is experienced with achieving optimum results in both men and women. 

Before making your Initial Consultation please read our Terms of Trade here

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*If you believe you may require a double appointment, before booking, please phone us on 09 486 5540