Herbal Hydrating Spray


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A technically innovative and an effective natural anti-inflammatory to soothe and hydrate tired and irritated skin. Designed to soothe and nourish the skin and wonderful for counteracting the drying effects of the sun, wind and air-conditioning.



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A natural moisturising spray containing several herbal extracts which act to detoxify and biologically stimulate the healing of damaged skin tissue. Fennel extract is a natural cleanser and detoxifier. Aloe vera has natural healing and antibacterial properties and together with chamomile extract, acts to soothe and moisturise sensitive skin. Antioxidants help protect skin from free-radical damage which can lead to premature ageing of the skin. Allantoin is a protectant, soothing agent, skin-conditioning agent and is also known to stimulate the healing of damaged skin.

Glycerol is used as a skin conditioning agent, humectant and to assist in holding moisture in the skin. Orange oil is a fragrant essential oil with a refreshing uplifting aroma. Witch hazel helps to soothe inflammation, burns, and is especially good for sensitive, greasy or dry chapped skin. This facial hydrating spray works to soothe and calm the skin.


Shake bottle slightly, press pump firmly and spray 2 to 4 times all over face or where dryness is a problem. Use whenever needed. Can be applied over make-up.

Active Ingredients

Deionised water, Aloe vera, alcohol, witch hazel, vitamin E, orange oil, balm mint extract, chamomile extract, fennel extract, hops extract, mistletoe extract, urea, yarrow extract, allantoin.


  • This herbal mist was designed to add moisture to all skin types. It can be used under or over make-up, on the beach, or while participating in sports.
  • Our facial hydrating spray effectively moisturises sun or chemically damaged skin and instantly removes any tight, dry feeling.
  • It includes herbs with characteristics that help soothe and tone the skin and stimulate circulation.
  • Non-comedogenic.

This facial hydrating spray has not been tested on animals.