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Redensity Skin Booster

Redensity: The Ultimate Skin Booster 

At last we’ve found it-  a skin rejuvenation treatment that actually works.


Is it time to  improve your skin texture and quality? With age and sun exposure our skin thins, losing collagen and elasticity, becoming dry and dull with uneven pigment and red veins.


To recover a healthy glow, thicken skin, increase elasticity and hydration and reduce redness and brown spots its time for FaceWorks’ Skin Booster Programme .


This innovative treatment combines the proven benefits of skin needling (stimulation of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts) while delivering a Dermo-Restructuring Complex (Teoxane) composed of 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants ,zinc ,copper and Vitamin B6 and hyaluronic acid (non cross-linked) - all vital ingredients for skin health, protection and repair. 

Redensity Skin Booster takes skin needling into the 21st century!

For the best results choose one of our affordable FaceWorks skin booster packages. These packages combine the rejuvenating effects of IPL (to reduce brown spots and redness) and LED with Redensity 1 and collagen induction therapy.
A course of 3 treatments at least 3 weeks apart is recommended for optimal results.
FaceWorks Skin Booster Treatment Packages(save over 25%)
1. Basic Plan
(face only)     $1370
2. Basic Plan +1(face + 1 other area) $1650
3. Deluxe Plan (face only) includes IPL $1650
4. Deluxe Plan +1 (face + 1 other area)includes IPL $2100


If you would like further details about the FaceWorks skin booster packages contact us now

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