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6 Reasons Why You Must Have Vitamin B3 in Your Skin Care

 Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) is known as the “powerhouse” of skincare ingredients. There are lots of ingredients that make our skin feel nice or are pleasant to use however, there’s actually only a very small number of essential ingredients which truly have an active effect on our skin. Sunblock, retinols/ AHA and Niacinamide are THE most important skin care ingredients – you need to check the ingredients of your skincare regimen to make sure you are using them all.

 These 3 ingredients are the only ingredients that have a significant effect on our skin at the physiological level.


Where can I find a skincare product with Niacinamide?

 FaceWorks new Day Creme with 7% Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) is the very exciting, new addition to the FaceWorks Skincare Range.

 FaceWorks is an “active” skincare range, meaning it is designed to actually have an effect on the skin physiologically, not just feel or smell nice. With all of these things in mind, we are pleased to introduce FaceWorks Day Creme with 7% Vitamin B3.


FaceWorks Day Creme with 7% Vitamin B3 is a non-greasy moisturiser for daily use. Not only is it keeping your skin hydrated and healthy all day but the high concentration of niacinamide means it’s also an “active” skin treatment, actively rejuvenating your skin all day long.



Day Creme












            Day Creme with 7% Vitamin B3


 The 6 reasons why your skin care must have Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) in it:

 #1 Stops wrinkles due to dehydration: Vitamin B3 increases production of ceramides in the epidermis, an essential natural moisturising factor which prevents water loss.


#2 Calms sensitive skin & reduces redness Vitamin B3 is a powerful, natural, anti-inflammatory which calms and stabilises sensitive skin, reducing redness – even if it’s hormonal.


#3 Reduces brown spots (Hyperpigmentation) due to sun damage by blocking enzymes needed for excess pigment production.


#4 Reduces fine lines by increasing collagen and elastin production.


#5 Protects and repairs UV induced DNA damage. Vitamin B3 protects and prevents free radical and oxidative damage.


#6  Brightens skin by evening out skin tone so skin looks less dull and sallow .  


 FaceWorks Day Creme with 7% Vitamin B3 is safe to use for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


Vitamin B3 is essential for healthy skin regardless of skin types or age. 


$60 for 50ml, buy yours here