About FaceWorks

FaceWorks is a unique “boutique” cosmetic clinic and a family affair, with daughter Leigh following in her mother’s footsteps. Expert cosmetic nurse Stella Wilkins completes our friendly clinical team.

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Dr Teresa Cattin


Dr Teresa Cattin is one of NZ’s most experienced cosmetic physicians with over 20 years experience. Dr Cattin established FaceWorks Cosmetic Clinic and developed her own skincare range of the same name in 2001.

Dr Cattin was the first physician trainer in NZ teaching other doctors throughout NZ, and internationally, how to use Botox and Juvederm. Dr Cattin has lectured and run teaching workshops throughout Asia – Pacific including India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea. She is also the immediate past-President of the NZ College of Appearance Medicine (now called the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine) which she was instrumental in establishing.

To ensure she is up to date with the latest trends in cosmetic medicine, Teresa attends international conferences in Europe every year. Teresa regularly spends time with colleagues in France as she prefers “La French Touch” – the French style of cosmetic enhancement which gives beautifully subtle and natural looking results. The French approach is to enhance the natural beauty of the face, enhancing positive features rather than attempting to completely conceal the normal signs of ageing. This means that when you have a treatment at FaceWorks, nobody needs to know – you will just look like a “fresher” version of you.

Dr Teresa Cattin

To keep abreast of Dr Cattin’s great tips, advice and special offers, read her blog

Dr Leigh Cattin

BSc. (Biology), BNurs., M.D.

Leigh, having completed her training as  a registered nurse decided to return to study and train as a doctor. Leigh has just completed her medical degree and is planning to follow in her mother’s footsteps practising in family medicine and appearance medicine.

Working closely with her mother for many years, and travelling with her to European conferences, Leigh is well-versed in “La French Touch” and understands the long term benefits of small amounts of BOTOX to prevent deeper lines from forming while keeping a beautifully natural looking result. 

Leigh particularly enjoys advising and treating younger patients knowing, as she does, how to use small amounts of BOTOX and dermal fillers to enhance the face’s features in a natural, youthful way.

Stella Wilkins

Registered Nurse

Stella has been an integral part of FaceWorks cosmetic clinic for many years as our skin rejuvenation expert.

Stella believes “total face assessment” is vital to achieve perfect results for her clients. and loves to personally assess and advise each client on which facial rejuvenation treatments and skincare could be right for them.

With Stella treating your redness or pigmentation, with IPL or rejuvenating your skin with Profhilo, Redensity or dermapen, you are in expert hands.

Stella Wilkins

Louis the Löwchen

Head of Customer Service

As the latest member of the FaceWorks team, Louis takes his role very seriously.

He is often at the clinic on a Friday where he receives an endless supply of treats and cuddles, following a very busy and very social week with his puppy pals.

Louis’ hobbies include chasing flies, getting tummy rubs, running on the beach, and hanging out with Leigh’s dogs Senna and Beau.


Stella Wilkins

To become a fresher version of you, phone 09 486 5540. To find out more about how we can help you achieve younger, healthier looking skin, get in touch.